Exploding Balloons, Drops & Releases

Exploding Balloons
Pop! When you think of balloons exploding, you may recall childhood pranks gone awry. But with Amazing Balloon Creations, these types of Exploding Balloons are really a good thing. Filled with confetti or other surprises, Exploding Balloons can be set to go off at a particular moment, several at a time or at different times during your event. Great for making a grand entrance, a big announcement or a beautiful spectacle.

Balloon Drops
Amazing Balloon Creations also specializes in Balloon Drops. A Balloon Drop is an excellent way to enter the room or mark a special occasion, and features balloons suspended above which are dropped on cue to slowly float down on enthused guests. Great for New Year’s Eve parties, corporate events and weddings.

Balloon Releases
A Balloon Release will launch dozens, hundreds or thousands of colorful balloons into the air. This inspiring and beautiful view is often used to commemorate events and even help mark anniversaries, memorial services and graduations. Contact us for your next event.

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